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A great Wellness Center in Sestriere?

An ambitious idea and fascinating!

Wellness and SPA the present account, The major source developing in the tourism sector. Precisely for this reason Sestriere wants to expand its tourist capacity alongside the already well-known and well-established ski resort an ambitious and innovative project: a modern wellness center with adjoining Olympic swimming pool for its features would be unique in Europe.

The Sestriere, together Hoteliers Association and the Consortium of Sestriere held last year at a meeting dedicated to this project where they were invited all operators of accommodation, tourists and residents.

A great facility for public consumption and tourism

The first part involves the transformation of the municipal swimming pool in a true wellness center with spa treatment cabins paths SPA. The second area of ​​intervention will include the construction of an Olympic swimming pool that will be attached to the SPA center. This will become the only swimming pool in Europe 2000 mt.

This project was designed to be able to add a new induced tourism that can not only increase the prestige and reputation of the Olympic resort of Sestriere.

Facility Details

For Information

Sestriere Hotel Association
Via Louset, c / o Office of Tourism
10058 Sestriere (To)
+39 0122 755444
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