Hiking is meant for the trip made during the day, on easy trails (generally reported), that allow to achieve comfortable support points (such as shelters or chapels), laghi o cime di monti.

With little equipment you can make beautiful trips in contact with nature: paths more or less easy, also ring, allow you to attend evocative ambience and spectacular.

The mountain offers everything. Even the shorter tours for beginners to move for the first time on the trail or for those who want to take a nice walk with the family and the youngest children. In all guides indicates the overall degree of difficulty of the route, according to conventional abbreviations. Woods, meadows, streams, streams, fountains, alpine flora e fauna, mountain pastures, wild animals, peaks and peaks drawn from the wind and weather. Three national parks on different sides of the Colle di Sestriere to get to know the ecosystem that characterizes this wonderful corner of the Alps.

  1. Excursions
    resort Sestriere Borgata(To)
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  2. Shelters Quote
    Baita Chisonetto
    Cell: +39 334 6788119 | www.chisonetto.com
  3. Mountain Guide
    Do you want to go further and explore our beautiful mountains? Then you need a mountain guide who can lead you in the most remote and spectacular places that surround us.
    Giancarlo Favro – Mountain Guide
    Such: +39 335 6601940
  4. Hiking with Dogs Sled
    ” alt=”” /> The “Sestriere center sleddog” was created with the intention of spreading the wonderful sport of dog sledding.
    The term ” sleddog” literally means ” sled dog” , but is used to uniquely define the sport in our center we will practice, or an exciting excursion during which you will conduct yourself in a sled pulled by dogs of pure Nordic race.

    The Centre Dogsledding Sestriere is open daily (during the winter season) and awaits the start of the new cable “Fraiteve”. For lovers of nature and animals dogsled excursion on Siberian Huskies, under the guidance of qualified instructors, is a great adventure for all ages.

    Such: +39 339 6759475