Sport, fun and relaxation in summer. Not only skiing but also many other sports, other passions, you can experience during a stay in the Olympic Mountains. From mountain bike in all its forms with the tracks that are part of the circuit with the extremely suggestive Alpine Resort Bike Downhill MTB with a path that swoops from 2.700 meters above sea level up to the Monte Fraiteve 2.035 meters of Sestriere.

The cycling was undoubtedly one of the first sport "summer" to find in our valleys and mountains to build roads demanding memorable stages of the Tour of Italy and Tour de France and countless international competitions and amateur. Per la mountain bike, dell'Assietta the Tour, the Iron Bike and the Italian Cup Down Hill among the highlights of the season. Activities open to disabled people that even in the summer can find lots of "extreme" sports such as special hand bike for downhill.

From football to swimming, the Olympic Mountains are home of altitude training for a multitude of sports. Alpine excursions, mounted, canoe, kayak, rafting, walks, prestigious golf tournaments on exclusive green at high altitude are only a part of the summer activities that are in addition to events hosted on the traditional territory. And for lovers of engines, exclusive events like the mythical Cesana-Sestriere, hill climb race for historic cars, and SestriereStorico, regularity race for Vetture d'epoca and the most recent Monte Carlo-Sestriere.

  1. Skyrunning
    Skyrunning The race at high altitude, o skyrunning, is definitely one of the best sports and hard: the natural fatigue of the race of long duration, also at the level of marathon, is added with the share, with steep slopes, with the adverse weather conditions and the hazards typical mountain.

    The races are held mainly on off-road paths, except in areas of departure and arrival. The paths, characterized mostly by a type of uneven ground, may include traits snowy or icy whose climbing difficulty, however, does not exceed the second degree of difficulty and the slope of the 40%. A “mix” which puts a strain on the body and the psyche of athletes, even the most prepared.

  2. Horsemanship
    ” alt=”” /> Forget the stress of everyday life, treat yourself to a horseback ride the trails that surround our locations: the landscape will captivate you.

    Rediscover the sense of freedom between unspoiled nature and an impressive Alps, bounded by the skyline of Monte Sises and FRAITEVE.

    Riding can gaze out over endless landscapes far from the real world with all its cares and anxieties.

  3. Mountain Bike
    ” alt=”” /> Magnificent summer stage for those who want to enjoy the unique experience of riding riding a Mountain Bike. The winter skiing slopes, in estate, are transformed into an immense Bike Park-Downhill (among the largest in Europe).

    The ski the Alps of Alta Val di Susa, formed by 3 valleys and 8 location, offers over 50 Freeride trails of different levels and hundreds of miles of trails for Cross Country, to which are added Bike&Skill Park, aree Dirt e Four Cross e percorsi North Shore.

    The Colle di Sestriere thus forms of bullying among the favorite destinations of free riders and bikers of professional and non-. Another important step forward for Alpi Bike Resort, the area of ​​the Alps of Alta Val Susa where you can enjoy all the exciting disciplines of mountain biking, and where the quantity and quality of the paths are accompanied by a series of high-level services.

  4. Golf
    ” alt=”” /> A pochi passi da Sestriere, he Golf Club Sestriere di 18 beech tree (the highest in Europe) is a favorite summer destination for the golfer who loves a cool climate and a picturesque landscape and relaxing.

    Open from late June to early September, the club is home to many rich races Pro.Am where they performed the greatest champions and has an important history behind it: on lawns as early as 1936 was organized an Open champion who won the famous Henry Cotton. Only case of golf competition held at high altitude, was an unprecedented event.

    Course: 18 beech tree , By 66; bianchi CR 64,3 Slope 112, blacks CR 65,7 Slope 114

  5. Canoe & Rafting
    ” alt=”” />For maximum enjoyment you use specific rafts Self-draining crews for up to seven people (guide included), very agile and maneuverable for an exciting group experience.

    You do not need any previous experience, guida on board with the, on routes suitable, possibility of an external guide to another means to allow you to guide them on their own. To practice Rafting not need any previous experience and do not need to make any progress. As low as 6 years of age you can enjoy this exciting sport followed by expert guides and supplied with all the equipment and clothing needed.

    Wide choice of routes depending on the time and the different needs.
    Custom courses and group for those who have been abducted from this world or has professional needs.

  6. Ponte Tibetano
    ” alt=”” />The Tibetan bridge is a connecting structure constituted by a rope which has the function of the pavement and by two ropes / handrails upper side spaced about a meter from the pavement.

    Le tre funi, placed in a triangle, stays are made solid by side spaced from one another by 50 a 100 cm. In such a structure the oscillation is inversely proportional to the load voltage: are more strained the ropes, the more stable the bridge, as it will reduce the lateral oscillations, especially in the central section.

    Experience the thrill of crossing the Tibetan Bridge the world's longest, suspended in the air for 468 meters in the Gorge of San Gervasio, between the towns of Claviere and Cesana Torinese. Discover the excitement of Via ferrata and climbing routes.

    The bridge has a length approximately 500 mt. difference 100 m. The overall journey time is necessary to 1.30 – 2.00 h. Or 4.00 to connect all paths.

  7. Adventure park Chaberton
    ” alt=”” />Chaberton Parco Avventura Cesana m. 1350 is located in a beautiful pine forest on the right bank of the Dora Riparia at the foot of the majestic pyramid of Chaberton. The park is composed of 55 flight paths on trees, divided into courses for children, for adolescents and adults, passable in total security with the scope of DPI (imbraghi, far, helmet and gloves) and a boulder climbing. For the youngest is at the disposal- tion area equipped with games and relaxation for parents, a quiet sun lulled by the roar of the waters of the Dora Riparia.

    Adventure park Chaberton
    Location Mollieres – Fraction of Cesana Torinese (TO)
    Such: +39 335 82 91 445 | |

  8. Palace Of Sports
    ” alt=”” /> Sports hall in Via Azzurri d 'Italy, with arena (spinning, sala Pesi, cardio), squash courts, tennis, basket, volley, soccer, climbing wall and indoor golf.

    With a sauna, Jacuzzi, turkish bath, relaxation area. Sports massage and rehabilitation.

    Hours: daily from 15.00 all 21.00
    Such: +39 0122 76640

  9. Municipal Swimming Pool
    ” alt=”” /> Located in Via Europe, has two tanks of which one external, outdoor, with heated water, maintained at about 26 ° C, where you can swim and relax, with freezing temperatures, immersed in an alpine landscape, surrounded by mountains that reach almost 3000 meters.

    There: Jacuzzi, lift for disabled, large solarium with anti wind.

    Hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 13.00 all 21.00. Sunday from 11.00 all 18.00. Monday Closed
    Such: +39 334 2376073

  10. Paintball
    ” alt=”” /> Paintball Sestriere is located in Piazzale Kandahar. Paintball is a sport where the aim is to eliminate the opponent by hitting him with 
 jelly balls filled with paint brightly colored natural, average shoot special instruments called Marker (Markers). Given the impact velocity (maximum 300 feet per second, 328 km / h for international competitions), the capsule of the projectile breaks the contact with the lens, releasing the contents onto the opponent's suit. Marked once by a “paintball”, a player is eliminated and to go to wait for a predetermined time or the beginning of next game. This game is regularly practiced at a competitive level, in competitions, leagues and tournaments all over the world

    Open daily
    Such: +39 349 5443842