There is less than 9 months to return to Sestriere in the Alpine Ski World Cup circuit. A double date, the 10 and 11 December 2016, with the Giant Slalom and Female on the slopes of the Milky Way. The event approaching goes through important moments like the FIS inspection, con Marcus Mayr e Atle Skårdal, held Wednesday 30 March.

To welcome the FIS delegation was Gualtiero Brasso, as Chairman of the Organizing Committee, along with Valter Blanc, Director of track, Elena Gaja, responsible competition office. Also present was Massimo Rinaldi, Sports Director Alpine Ski FISI.

The ski with the Cit Roc chair-lift and the lift Sises lead to the departure of the Giant lodge in the middle of the mountain Sises. It is from here that begins the descent inspection steepest part to address a sliding graft stretch before swooping on track Kandahar G.A. Agnelli, the same that will host slalom.

snowy slopes of Sestriere that Atle Skårdal knows very well: Here she won the gold medal in the Super G at the World Ski Championships 1997. Remind of the inspection gives faces relaxed and consents. There is work to get prepared to the appointment that will bring Sestriere on the World Cup circuit in season opener, an important opportunity to promote the entire Vialattea.
At the end, before the technical meeting, There is no time for the usual photo at the finish line, A greeting, a handshake and off. In the coming months there will be a lot of work and certainly no lack of enthusiasm!

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Sporting Club Sestrieres