Skiing on the slopes of the samples.
The Olympic Games hosted in 2006, addition to the numerous trials of the World Cup, bear witness to the vocation of the ski area with slopes for all types of skiers. The area of ​​the Milky Way is one of the largest in the world. They range from the first meters of skiing or snowboarding, accompanied by qualified instructors until you get to ski really technical agonists. Equally rich is the offer for practitioners of cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering routes suitable for all from beginners to specialists.

For the off-piste Heliskiing is an opportunity not to be missed. For children on the snow play areas are ideal for play and have fun with or without skis. Rounding off the winter, the taxi bob on the track at Cesana, developments in the car on the ice rink in Pragelato, snowmobiling, Snowshoeing (shoes for walking on snow), walk or dog sledding and ice skating rink.

And then the whole year waiting for you wellness centers, sports hall, golf indoor, indoor and outdoor pool with heated water, cinema, disco and many local live intensely their holiday. Hospitality and a strong gastronomic tradition, exclusive clubs and boutiques where to shop, are also available to while away a fantastic stay both in summer and winter.

  1. Sci
    ” alt=”” /> The ski area offers 163 track, ski on your feet (41 blu, 92 red and 30 down), for a linear extension of about 400 km s 66 lifts whose altitude varies from 1380 meters in Cesana to 2800 meter peak of Mount Motta.

    Most 'of the 60% the slopes of the Milky Way ski area is covered by a modern network of ski and snow programmato.Il 'characterized by large areas, panoramic and sunny slopes that connect ancient and traditional villages with huts Occitan places equipped with all modern comforts and entertainment. The vastness and variety of the area are able to satisfy most skiers' demands, thanks to the slopes long and difficult, both to those who approach for the first time in the world of skiing.

    ” alt=”” /> National School of Skiing & Snowboard SESTRIERE
    Pl. Kandahar, 3/a – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 77060 |

    ” alt=”” /> School Milky Way
    Via Pinerolo, 10/B – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 76528 – Cell: + 39 329 8386363
    info @ scuolascivialattea |

    Sci Club Sestriere
    Via Fraiteve, 17 – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 76447 – Fax: + 39 0122 76593 | |

    Olympic School
    Via Sauze, 2/D – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 76.116 – Fax: + 39 0122 444.551 | |

    Scuola Freewhite Ski Team ASD
    Via Pinerolo, 17 – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 750772 – Fax: + 39 0122 881884 | |

    Borgata Sestriere Ski School
    Via del Colle, 46 Frazione Borgata – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 77497 |

  2. Snowboard
    ” alt=”” /> More than one discipline, a true lifestyle. And the surroundings of Sestriere, together with its snowpark, offer an ideal landscape for snowboarders soft or hard. Lovers and Mac Twist Tail Grab will find next to the ski slopes, also the right spaces to surf, on the track or off track.

    Sestriere Snowpark spread over a length of 300 meters and is served by two lifts parallel long as the same. The area is characterized by 3 lines of structures, arranged according to the level of difficulty:

    • line slopestyle M / L with three jumps in sequence 8 a 12 m e due jibbing feature al termine
    • line jibbing at least six structures between rails, boxes and wooden structures
    • line slopestyle S equipped with two jumps 2/4 meters and two boxes at the end

    The park has the following facilities for jibbing: kink-box, rainbow-box, c-box, two boxes of modular 3 m each, wooden pole and fence from bonkare, pole-jam, rail da 6 meters and ratatam. For the next year were purchased new and entertaining facilities including a wallride and 2 rail. During the season, the setup of the structures is constantly being modified in order to have new games!

    ” alt=”” /> National School of Skiing & Snowboard SESTRIERE
    Pl. Kandahar, 3/a – Sestriere (To)
    Such: +39 0122 77060 |

    ” alt=”” /> Scuola Yes – Association of Masters of Snowboarding
    Via Pinerolo, 17 – Sestriere (To)
    Cell: +39 340 5772897 |

  3. Cross Country Skiing
    ” alt=”” /> Technique, strength and endurance: Nordic skiing is the discipline of hard work on their own feet, but also of great satisfaction. Cross-country skiers will find more than in Sestriere 50 kilometers of trails on which to "walk": with alternating step or freestyle.

    Sparse forests, open snowfields, here and there a log cabin: tracks cross country skiing are many ups and downs and turns, with traits of medium difficulty, a little 'difficult in the presence of frozen snow or stretches U (descent followed by ascent curve).

    Center Cross Country Skiing offers the opportunity to try their hand at Nordic skiing. If you love walking in Monte Route await snow-covered roads in the middle of nature trails or in snow with snowshoes.
    Such: +39 0122 755016

  4. Rental Sporting Goods

    Multiski – Rental of sports equipment, preparation and repair ski and snowboard
    Via Sauze, 14 – Sestriere
(To) c / o Olympic Village
    Such: +39 0122 77070 |

    Archimedes – Rental Sporting Goods
    Via Pinerolo, 16/A – Sestriere
    Such: +39 0122 76369 |

    Rental Marcellin Of Fornara Gimmy
    Piazzale Kandahar – Sestriere
    Such: +39 0122 750172 |

    Mtv Center – Luggage Ski Rental Service
    Via Pinerolo, 1/B – Sestriere
    Tel/Fax: +39 0122 76694 |

    Surf Shoppe Sestriere – Rental Sporting Goods
    Via Pinerolo, 14/D – Sestriere
    Such: +39 3356191166 |

  5. Heliski
    ” alt=”” />Skiing using a helicopter as a means of ascent is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, especially if you lived in a pristine environment surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Alps.

    Helicopter flight combined with the irresistible charm of a thrilling off-piste skiing on snow crystal clear and immaculate: all this è'heliski. Skiing using a helicopter as a means of ascent and’ an unforgettable experience, especially if you lived in a pristine environment like that found in high altitudes. For the off-piste Heliskiing is an opportunity not to be missed.

    Team Cross
    Such: +39 347 6516020

    Pure Ski Company & Helicopters Service
    Such: +39 0122 76846

  6. Sled Dogs
    ” alt=”” /> The “Sestriere center sleddog” was created with the intention of spreading the wonderful sport of dog sledding.
    The term ” sleddog” literally means ” sled dog” , but is used to uniquely define the sport in our center we will practice, or an exciting excursion during which you will conduct yourself in a sled pulled by dogs of pure Nordic race.

    The Centre Dogsledding Sestriere is open daily (during the winter season) and awaits the start of the new cable “Fraiteve”. For lovers of nature and animals dogsled excursion on Siberian Huskies, under the guidance of qualified instructors, is a great adventure for all ages.

    Such: +39 339 6759475

  7. Palace Of Sports
    ” alt=”” /> Sports hall in Via Azzurri d 'Italy, with arena (spinning, sala Pesi, cardio), squash courts, tennis, basket, volley, soccer, climbing wall and indoor golf.

    With a sauna, Jacuzzi, turkish bath, relaxation area. Sports massage and rehabilitation.

    Hours: daily from 15.00 all 21.00
    Such: +39 0122 76640

  8. Stadium Ice
    ” alt=”” /> Situato in Piazzale Kandahar, outdoor ice skating rink. Activities of free skating, individual and group lessons start and specialization with qualified technicians of the Sports Federation of Ice Sports.

    Theme nights with activities curling, stock sport, broomball, light hockey. Events with Olympic champions.

    During the winter season, open daily 
 pm 10.00 at 12.30; 
 pm 14.30 at 17.30; pm 20.30 at 22.30
    Such: +39 328 3246495

  9. Municipal Swimming Pool
    ” alt=”” /> Located in Via Europe, has two tanks of which one external, outdoor, with heated water, maintained at about 26 ° C, where you can swim and relax, with freezing temperatures, immersed in an alpine landscape, surrounded by mountains that reach almost 3000 meters.

    There: Jacuzzi, lift for disabled, large solarium with anti wind.

    Hours: from 1 to 30 June will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 all 19.00 (Closed Monday and Tuesday). During the months of July and August will be open 7 days 7 pm 11.00 all 19.00.
    Such: +39 334 2376073

  10. Paintball
    ” alt=”” /> Paintball Sestriere is located in Piazzale Kandahar. Paintball is a sport where the aim is to eliminate the opponent by hitting him with 
 jelly balls filled with paint brightly colored natural, average shoot special instruments called Marker (Markers). Given the impact velocity (maximum 300 feet per second, 328 km / h for international competitions), the capsule of the projectile breaks the contact with the lens, releasing the contents onto the opponent's suit. Marked once by a “paintball”, a player is eliminated and to go to wait for a predetermined time or the beginning of next game. This game is regularly practiced at a competitive level, in competitions, leagues and tournaments all over the world

    Open daily
    Such: +39 349 5443842