Living the Night

In serata si scatena la movida notturna. Drink or a hot chocolate in the afternoon, typical local dinner, Rifugio in the o, movie or a drink in the disco pub before living the night at the disco! If you prefer a quieter profile, night excursions with guides and visits to ancient fortifications are available all year round!

And for those who do not want the night and loves to meet up with friends, Casa Olimpia opens its doors every weekend to go local 'lounge’ and a meeting place for skiers, tourists and locals. Being in a warm and friendly environment, read newspapers, have a chat with friends, follow debates, book presentations, jazz rock e concerti, live songwriters established and emerging artists, in addition to theater, meetings with climbers and photographic exhibitions, with a great attention to the expressions of the local culture of the Occitan valleys.

Discoteca Tabata
Via Monterotta, 1 – Sestriere (To)
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